It’s often difficult, usually uncomfortable, sometimes necessary. This being said… well… I guess you can figure it out by now buuut … I kind of totally love the feeling of Foundations or Shapewear. Whatcanisay? The grip around my waist feels like a hug all day!

Fulltime Disclosure

I simply love the images of my fellow Lingeristas and embrace the sexuality that oozes from each pictorial dream and the amazonian strength that commands the frame. After the career decision to embark on building my own lingerie company, there was so much to consider. Oddly enough, the question that kept me awake in the blue glow of my phone well into the wee hours of the night was…..could I really do that?

Every Curve

There is a moment when I was scrolling through the pictures of Zoe Buckman’s moving exhibit, Every Curve, when the line between music, form, history and social expression became so blurred I found myself convinced that this kaleidoscope of honey, peach and cornflower hued negligee’s were actually found in this magnificently embroidered state.