Style Diary

Growing up in Texas gave me a run for my money to express my unique perspective on fashion and style. I collected Vogue Magazines from all eras and poured over them like it was SAT Prep. It was an education, of sorts, for me and I was its dedicated pupil. I absorbed the essentials of style: Silhouette, Texture and Personality. Personality being, in my eyes, the most important of the Holy Sartorial Trinity.

What was My solution to stand out in the Wave of the Mundane that was Texas ‘street style’ in my youth?  Lingerie, of course!

Ever since I was old enough to sneak into a Victoria’s Secret behind my Mama’s back, I can remember scouring the Lingerie SALE RACK for pieces to alter and weave into whatever look I was creating. My logic was :

No one is going to wear Lingerie out so, ‘Voila!’, I have a unique style! ” *

If you follow my Insta @fulltimelingerie, you already know, that same ‘Lingerie as Style’ logic has never left me and instead is the cornerstone of my Style.

Here is an a lil’ collection of my ‘Lingerie as Style’ logic in action.*

Enjoy xo!

*( fast forward 15 years, I was so ahead of my time!! hehe!:) )

*updated regularly