About Fulltime Lingerie

My professional journey didn’t start with Lingerie but Life intervened and a passion was born!

Inspired by my “Go-To” Job Search phrase, Fulltime Lingerie began out of a desire to expand the dialogue from the multiple Lingerie Sales Floor I’d worked and create a Global Lingerista Community.

A community where all are welcomed  (regardless of race gender or ethnicity but if you’re a meanie get the hell out!) to discuss and share their favorite Lingerie pieces.

A community that can discuss Lingerie’s place in not only Costume History but its Sociological impact on us all. (especially Women)

A community who can indulge in Lingerie not for its physical enhancement (although, I will never scoff at a well laced corset or perfect push up bra) but for its transformative ones. How it can alter ones perspective into a celebration of Womanhood. Or simply, a celebration of yourself apart from cultural beauty standards.

I have always believed Lingerie is more than the sum of its parts and the world it inhabits. That, in the right hands, Lingerie can empower.

I also know, being the dedicated Costume Historian that I am, that Lingerie has a long standing history of going against the grain.

In that spirit, Fulltime Lingerie was born.