Fulltime Lingerie // Indigo Garments

She walks into the shop, her eyes scan the perimeters of the boutique taking a mental checklist, “Hmmm, let’s see, T-Shirt Bras, check, Lace, check, Whips, Bodysuits, Pushup Bras-checkcheckcheck.

I recognize that look- frustrated, eyes tired from scanning walls racks and walls. Speech exasperated and impatient at the same time – tired of asking the same question while simultaneously rushing to the assumed answer. Like watching a Julia Roberts Rom-Com – “Get to the toothy laugh and perfect chignon already geeez!’

“Ummm-Miss?” — ‘right on cue’ I think—  “Do you have- (hands thrown in the air) idontknow– like a girdle or something—but…for real Women?”

These are Foundations.

It’s often difficult, usually uncomfortable, sometimes necessary. This being said… well… I guess you can figure it out by now buuut … I kind of totally love the feeling of Foundations or Shapewear. Whatcanisay? The grip around my waist feels like a hug all day!

Plus, Who can resist the temptation strutting the ol’ bodice cage as part of your ensemble a-la-Gaultier-Blonde-Ambition-Tour?


I’ll tell ya’ what…I can’t and won’t resist! It’s just too much fun!

That being said, I can still appreciate the pure functionality of these pieces. As I say to my clients,

“You don’t have one pair of shoes for every outfit, do you? Then, Why have one style of Foundations?”

Fulltime Lingerie // La Perla // Allure

La Perla wouldn’t have the reputation of being a cut above the rest if it didn’t have a show stopping piece as its Foundation Wear. The color of the garment is in the image of the deepest caramel. Tuxedo piping sharply glides along the curve of my hips. The Masculine and Feminine accents collide symphonically. The arc of my hips echo the graceful lace that cascades down my side. A small diamond window at the small of my back only strengthens the bodice.  In pure La Perla fashion, no cut, no stitch is ever to be done recklessly. Rest assured, the diamond window interruption at the small of the back  is only to allow for a seamless tracing of every ndulating curve of my magnificent derriere. Sweet like honey and languid like caramel from a hot spoon…..le sigh….This is …The La Perla effect in action Ladies and Gentlemen. Oh yea, and it fits good and stuff whatever blah blah blah…..Just look at it folks….

Fulltime Lingerie // La Perla // Allure
Fulltime Lingerie // La Perla // Allure

You don’t stick around for 65 years, like Simone Perele, without a little “Savoir Faire”. That certain style, accomplishment and refinement that twirls around a person like the intoxicating scent of lilies. There is a timeless essence that defines the brand. The strapless bra and skirt are in a lush desert tan shade. The neckline provides a deep curving plunge that is essential for all my scoop neck tops. The classic half slip shaper is has been improved upon with hidden shorts sewn underneath the skirt. Usually, I wouldn’t be keen on the shorts but, in this Texas heat, I can feel the value in preventing inner thigh chaffing. In addition, the shorts assist in keeping the skirt from rippling with movement and added support for that…ahemBootylicious jiggle.  Simone Perele has an illustrious design history to lean on but this girdle is not stuck in the past of Pin Up nostalgia. Instead, the brand evolved with the trends and textile technology to perfect Foundations as Lingerie. Overall, the ensemble evokes the same Hollywood glamour of the Forties (that I adore!) but with a little…Savoir Faire.

Fulltime Lingerie // Epure Revelation Beaute
Fulltime Lingerie // Epure Revelation Beaute

Epures Revelation Beaute design statement is in its stark minimalism. No fuss, no restraints, no seams, not even a hook and eye. The object of Epure’s ‘Revolution’ isn’t to cause a stir in the streets but to create a stir within you. The fabric feels like silk and simply urges one to touch every curve of herself. Regardless of the gossamer-like material, this bodysuit is durable enough to take the rigor of daily wear. Rather than dictate the breast shape it allows the natural ( as ‘natural’  with an underwire) teardrop shape to show. The hue is on the warm-ish side but it’s so transparent that it has the possibility to blend with a range of hues from light to olive complexion. The straps are thin and have a lot of elasticity. Great for long torsos but not so great for heavy breasts. If only because the daily wear could stretch out the already lengthy shoulder straps quickly. This is a fairly easy fix but it’s better to be fair warned. Also, the srange of sizes isn’t as expansive as I wish it would be for this style. I believe it only goes up to a C cup but, due to the fact that there is not hook and eye closure you may be able to fudge the sizing a little. For instance, I’m a Wine glass shaped 32D-32E, and I fit comfortably (busting out a little on the top) in a 34C.

Fulltime Lingerie // Epure Revelation Beaute
I love the irresistible touch of this bodysuit!

Fulltime Lingerie Indigo Garments 4
Fulltime Lingerie // La Perla // Indigo Garments


Indigo Garments has a luxe dusty rose hue that has the magic power of adding balance to practically every color it’s paired with. There’s no wonder rose gold had such a comeback across the board in beauty and fashion! I swear, it’s the chameleon pigment! Elegant, Playful, Avant Garde…It always seems to be the perfect match. the details are what I indulged in with this piece. For instance, the cross stitching on the cinchers and the detachable suspenders. On that note, I do wish the suspenders (both over the shoulder and hosiery suspenders are provided with the garment ) weren’t necessary to create a flat silhouette under clothing. The Waist Cincher grips my hips beautifully but, without the straps, rolls appear when I begin moving. The same was true for the High Waist Brief Cincher. Regardless, both garments are glorious for the brave, brazen Lingerista who wields a styling wand and decides to show this piece off in an ensemble. I mean… again…. that dusty rose color! Love!


All Styles can be found at Teddies for Betty’s xo!

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