Spy v. Spy


You hustle for it

You lose nights working away for it

You catch yourself thinking about it out of nowhere

You know what I’m talking about … Luxury Lingerie! 

I mean, seriously, what else would I be talking about [insert super cheesy winking]

But, oh no, the dreaded moment when you have to [gasp] decide which one to take home! Enter the internal monologue where all the sides of your personality begin to battle! It’s every Woman for herself in this battle, yet, it’s with yourself. It’s the Spy v. Spy scenario.


For you Lingeristas who are too young, bless your heart, to remember this comic strip here is a lengthier explanation. Brought to you by the *scholarly journal of Wikipedia.

In essence, its about two Spies, one dressed in all white and one dressed in all black, intent on destroying each other. Fair warning: Don’t let the silly connotations of Good, Evil & its relation to Color trick you into thinking you know the gag. Both spies are equally ruthless in their plans of sabotage while they wreak havoc in their wake. Oh geez, What the heck was I doing reading that as a kid? Any way, moving along….

You got your practical “Spy” urging, “Why not go for a nice strapless bra, the swiss army knife of intimates, that you can be certain Tyler from Accounting won’t be goggling your nips when the AC is cranked.” 

But I’ve never really paid attention to Her so, I’m gonna say a Hard Pass to that one…

Let’s chop this up…Here are the figurative “Spies” that are battling for..-er-..Me?? This analogy has gotten away from me but just stay with me…


Commanding Black Silk. **24K gold plated hardware. Twelve satin elastic bodice straps joined by a heavy gold plated zipper down the spine. Damn. This feels good.



Tressage Bralette. Wire free gives way to free movement, liberating. The graphic braiding effect is fresh and defies the traditional lingerie aesthetic. Damn. This feels good…too.

I can’t make up my mind! You know what that means….Gotta hustle harder to get BOTH!

Much like Spy v. Spy, these two agents live to fight for my affection another day!


*not a scholarly journal, I cannot resist the sarcasm.
**And, really folks, if only for the fact that this detail throws me into my very own rendition of 24K Magic when I’m strapping this baby in is reason enough for me. Is it a good one? Nah, but whatever.

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