H E L L O S U M M E R !

If it requires a bikini, my answer is always . . . yes!

(Make it beautifully designed by some of my favorite Lingerie Designers and we got a party!)

// Stella McCartney //

I am definitely a gal who loves to customize my ensembles any chance I can get and believe me….swimsuits are no exception. This is the main reason I love this Stella McCartney bikini! The top is a wrap around with extra long straps to practically create a new style each time you kiss the sun! Stella never leaves her fans wanting more & tops her design off with delightful charms on the tie sides such as: music notes, lipstick and pineapples.


Lise Charmel has taken territory of most of my top drawer so, honestly, I am not the most objective. There is something alluring about a white bikini. It beams against a sun-kissed body and has a timeless quality that is only enhanced by Charmel’s beautifully detailed embroidery. And of course, a lingerie brand designing a bikini will always make Fit a top priority. This is precisely why there is an underwire for maximum support and confidence while battling the waves. Oh yeah, Sunbathing is no problem when the straps are detachable! swoon….I’m in love.

And then there was One. . .

Stella McCartney Swim

What I love the most about this swimsuit is the flexibility to work double time as a killer bodysuit for those hot summer days. The smooth neoprene fabric is addictive to touch an sweat wicking! I can see having a lot of fun juxtaposing the athletic design with softer pieces like a classic cotton peasant skirt or keep it casual with my favorite vintage 501 cut-offs.

All swimsuits are available at Teddies for Betty's


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