Fulltime Lingerie gets in FORMATION

The start of September was a game changer folks…

I turned 30 on September 13th and let me just go on record by saying, I’ve never been someone whose made a huge deal of my birthday. Frankly, it’s the day I am the most reclusive and pensive. It’s not as emo as it sounds, I promise. I spend the day indulging in the tiny things: a great cup of coffee, the softest loaf of bread paired with cheese, deep ruby red wine in the park and ending the day with rich pastries and a moonlit neighborhood walk in Pjs with my Love.

But, this years momentous nature of the “Big 3-0” got me all kinds of feelings and I was uncertain my usual “tiny things” blissful day wouldn’t actually turn into a “big issues” emo feels day.

Thankfully, I have a great husband who said, “Fuck, that” to Life conversations and instead, changed my Life.

wait for it…….

He surprised me with tickets for my Mama and I to see Beyonce in her hometown, Houston!

For the first time in our marriage I told my husband I didn’t give a fuck how he found money for this: Second job? Second mortgage? Blind agreement to giving up our first born? *pauses…Done and Done. (what?! I paused, jeez!)

I was so excited I started having a panic attack. Rather this time, the room wasn’t filled with invisible flames of fear and worry. It was instead filled with invisible balloons and confetti coming to life as my cartoon friends dancing alongside me to ‘Crazy in Love!’


“…Got me looking so crazy right now, your love’s got me looking so crazy right now.. (werk girls!) Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no …” 

I won’t fill my word count with stories of me pledging my allegiance to Bey but trust – I’m a FAN!  Instead, I’ll tell ya’ what happened after my Joy Attack subsided.

After an emergency consumption of two fistfuls of cake (obviously-cake is always first) I was finally able to calm down and I slinked into a serene Sugar and Beyonce-induced trance/coma on my couch & began dream styling my concert look.

In a cotton candy colored floating world, adorable Baby Cherubs presented me with glorious options:

I could pay homage to the infectious confidence of Destiny’s Child ‘Survivor’ vibe and demand my mother and I dress is corresponding camo ensembles? Tempting… 

I could rock it old school, harking back to her fearless solo debut, and go with a Crazy in Love’ classic. Denim cut-offs, a white tank, red pumps and a fierce AF strut? Yes! No. wait-

Or, what about harnessing the energy of her latest masterpiece, ‘Lemonade’? I imagine Seventies inspired shades of yellow, fabrics as soft as Venus’s breast in melody with a sumptuous silhouette steeped in saffron and acid yellow that would make the albums namesake pout in tartness? Hmmm, could I have a costume change?

So many options!

Before long, I’m in a  K Hole of Beyonce baby cherubs flying ‘looks’ at me for eternity.

I have a golden opportunity to combine my empowerment tools ( Beyonce and Lingerie) in a sensory way I never thought I was going to get close to beyond amplifying my home with her music whilst dancing in my boudoir styling my underpinnings for the day.

While staying true to my personal lingerie and vintage inspired aesthetic I want communicate a simple yet powerful message —BOLD

That’s exactly how Beyonce’s music makes me feel (and many, many, maaany others.) Confidant and Bold. That’s her magic…

I harnessed our (Bey and I are Virgo sister, nbd, kindofabigdeal but nbd*) Virgo powers of planning and meticulous attention to detail to lay out my options.

*totally, a big deal. 🙂




Let me know what you think BUT I must warn you, if you have not gotten this inclination from the sheer quantity of hair colors I have rashly done in my lifetime, I may scrap the whole plan for an in-the-moment Eureka inspired ensemble.

Can’t wait to get in Formation’ and show ya’ll the fun!

Until next time…xo!

Image Resources: http://trinitrent.com/2013/06/in-retrospect-a-review-of-beyonces-solo-career/; https://styleonthescreendotcom.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/jodie-foster-taxi-driver-1976/; 

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