Who can resist the soft glow of a TV, the intoxicating scent of hot popcorn and security in knowing that I can travel to New York in the 70s, be charmed by an iconic Mexican American songstress and then wrap up the night learning the art of the hustle with the best of the music biz all with the press of a button. You know what I’m talking about…I’m talkin’ Netflix and Chill. 


The Get Down is hands down one of the most entertaining shows I have watched in a long time. I love Baz Luhrmann’s playful use of color and editing. I especially love the scenes of The Get Down party: the energy, the music and the wardrobe! It inspired me to throw on my classic Adidas track suit for comfort and what better bra for ease and touch of cool than the Twist Tresor in Clementine?!


The Tresor from gives me the perfect hug in the band (disclaimer: I like my bands to be a pretty snug fit, if you want more room I would suggest going up a band size.) while the 3 part cup goes to work. If you are a full C cup or larger I would strongly suggest looking into a multi part bra. The Tresor works its magic multitasking to create lift, comfort and movement. The side panel lifts the breast tissue from under the arms allowing the most comfortable movement for proper popcorn snacking form. The center seam gives a rounded silhouette and centers all that fullness while the top striped lace detail keeps the dreadful spillage (super technical term) problem from happening.


The Get Down is comprised of a Disco side that I can,

Never. Ignore.

My mother grew up dancing to Disco and I in turn developed a love for the velvety sounds, rich secondary colors, dramatic styling (with an equally dramatic entrance) and dance moves that were all about dangerous curves, Yasss!


Simone Perele is always in heavy rotation in my top drawer. I love the feminine french details and the lifted sloped effect sans contoured cup.

I sometimes experience difficulty when trying on full cup bras. Mainly because I am a 32E but my breast shape is more of a red wine glass shape. My breast tissue is heavier and fuller that I can find myself unable to fill out the cup. I go down a cup size and the wire sticks into my side boob. Its a dilemma.

A dilemma that was completely squashed with the Byzance Collection. It stretches to support my E cup size and weight but recoils to a snug fit. Totally avoiding a wrinkled-absent-boob-syndrome ( another super technical term) along the top of the cup. I was a true 32E in this range.

The open ladder effect on the trim is an innovative way to keep supportive effects of the full cup shape while avoiding that very “full full cup” look that overwhelms the decolletage.

 The Byzance Collection has a strong and saturated hue in melody with a gossamer touch that is as delicate as the glittering lights dancing off a disco ball.

( cue the steady crescendo of Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love.’..end scene…)


Empreinte’s Ornella seemed like a no brainer when searching for a brand that was a cut above the rest like my Patron Saint of all Tejanas, Selena. As a Mexican American girl growing up in San Antonio in the 90s, Selena’s influence was inevitable and all encompassing. No wonder I enjoy showing my bras off at every given chance!

I was introduced to Empreinte fairly recently and they have proven to be ever impressive in fit, design and that extra *bidi bidi bom bom embellishment you simply must and want to show off! Catering to the fuller busted the Ornella Collection starts at a C cup ranging to F cup Sizes 32 to 38. In my experience with clients in the fitting room, the rule of thumb with Empreinte is the go down a cup size. This is due to their signature deep cup.

Ornella is a contoured deep plunge with an exquisite halter neckline that fully encompasses the “glamorous femininity” the collection is inspired by.

The stand out feature, in my opinion, of Empreinte’s 5 point fit is the quality of the back panels. The stretch capacity of their specialized fabric is reduced from the standard 140% that most bras have to 100% giving the “liviliness”, or bounce back, supportive feeling when wearing.

The result is a smoothing effect, that gives a true feeling of support that is durable enough to be part of your weekly rotation (contrary to the popular belief that pretty bra = impractical) My posture is always improved when wearing an Empreinte bra and that is super useful when I start to mimic Selena’s epic dance moves during the concert montage of the movie.

I draped my favorite RRL Chambray (this is my casual jean jacket Selena loungewear look) over my Ornella bra and my Stella McCartney boxer shorts. The shorts are mid-rise, not too cheeky in the bum and true to size. I love the cotton feel to lounge around in and who can resist the classic blue menswear inspired pinstripe? ( Ummm…I can’t and I don’t 🙂 )

I am now  ready for Mi Reina…Selenas!! 


Vintage 1940s wide legged silk trousers, Vintage fur trimmed cardigan, I.D. Sarrieri and a glass of Trader Jo’s finest white wine.

Okay, so this last show is technically not on Netflix but rather its saucy minx mistress, Hulu. I had to include it because if I’m being honest, Empire basically acts as my “How To”  in Life and Business.

A mistake? We’ll see.

Moving along, being witness to the glorious Cookie hustle her ass off while looking Fucking. Incredible. All. The. Time.

I can’t simply throw on dingy too-long-for-me sweats, a raggedy old oversized tee from volunteering at Fiesta Battle of the Flowers Parade ’96 and dig into the newest unnatural cuisine hybrid Doritos burped out???

Yah, NO!

Instead, I opted for L-U-X-U-R-Y. Otherwise know as, I.D. Sarrieri. The bra shown here is from their newest Collection. I wore a 32E in this style and loved the sexy demi neckline. I definitely felt more movement in the top of the cup (due to the demi neckline) but the wire felt secure, didn’t pinch in the sides and the band size wasn’t constricting. Naturally, I adored the added detail of cap sleeves with the open back.

Lingerie that works twice as hard for me is my favorite: weaving itself into my wardrobe as ready-to-wear then effortlessly weaving me out of my wardrobe as ready-to-seduce.

Fulltime Lingerie Vintage

Whatever you feel most comfortable in, my nights usually end in a vintage tee and **luxury panties, make sure to carve the time out for yourself to relax. I never agreed to ceasing all dress up when I, begrudgingly, agreed to grow up. So go ahead, suspend reality, play dress up and (stay in) and go to the movies…Netflix and Chiiilllllll.


*I’m a nerd:)
** The newest I.D. Sarrieri Highwaisted briefs with side zipper. Definietly a snug fit so size up. These are exquisite, deep merlot embroidery on nude gives a tattoo effect that is all at once rebellious and elegant. Showstoppers, to say the least.

Photo Credit: Jon Tyler Sneden

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