Read My Lips…



If red lips sink  ships then grab a lifejacket! All of these pouts have a secret underneath their captivating berry, blush and crimson hues.

My morning begins with coffee (always!) quickly followed by the daily nagging question of, “What am I going to wear today?!”  In reality, it isn’t that nagging of a question. I love dressing for the Summertime because it always inspires the playful qualities of my personality to shine. Its the perfect time for breezy dresses, killer sunnies and a perfectly hued pout! (I’m getting to the ‘Pout’ trick soon, don’t worry…)

Personally, I enjoy dressing from the underpinnings out (naturally, right?) My lingerie is the first thing I figure out but then…I add a twist to it. I play with a little styling ‘trick‘ of mine to enhance the daily dressing experience.

I coordinate the color of my Pout with my Delicates. It’s a bit of a powerful feeling, this secret.  Its not for everyone but, I myself love to indulge in this playfulness.

There are a few factors to take into consideration. Such as,

How do I feel in my body? Sore? Well-Rested? Somewhere in between?

The Tug-of-War I imagine my sore muscles and desire to dress up do every morning.

Now, this second question is more of a…

How do I  feeeel in my body? Feisty? Coquettish? Somewhere in between?

Claudette’s current campaign perfectly represents the beautiful range of emotions I have in the morning…

Catch my drift on the ‘feel’ and the ‘feel’ difference? Good. 🙂

Of course, I have to also consider factors like weather and occasion. A full get up of fabulous lingerie with stockings on a hot, sticky Texas Summer day to go to a ballgame??

Uhhh, No!

This is certainly not my idea of fun and is not my suggestion so, tread wisely with your underpinnings choice.

Although Gil Elvgren makes this look really cut IRL it would totally suck.

So, there you have it folks, my Intimates Secret. Which, now that you know, This device will self destruct in 3…2….– Just kidding hehe!

Just means I will have to switch things up……Challenge Accepted!

What are your favorite styling tricks for everyday lingerie?







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