Passing Notes

Heart racing? Check. Eyes darting? Check. Palms sweaty? Check.
Faster than you can say S.W.A.K. your hand has sprung back in the safety of your lap.Yup, you remember the feeling.The thrill is unmistakeable. The thrill of being an accomplice to one of the riskiest of classroom violations (after forgetting homework and being tardy, yikes!)  You just passed a note.

Although grade school may come to mind, note writing is not just childsplay. It recognizes no age as too young or too old. There’s only one general rule of thumb. Notes are reserved for the urgent scrawling of passionate prose that simply calls to the mysterious white of the page like a siren to her prey. The page, a mere host to what spills from the pen (scented, glittery and/or neon ) after flooding the heart and mind to action. At least, that is what I can gather is happening after pouring over this famous collection of love notes.

After your dizzying Post-Valentine’s Day Love hangover has settled I guess there really is only one thing left to answer.

Yes, No or Maybe….

Johnny Cash to Wife June Carter


Frida Kahlo to Husband Diego Rivera
Sid Vicious lists  off Nancy’s Best characteristics. Allegedly written months before he stabbed her to death. (1978)
Ludwig van Beethoven to Unidentified ‘Immortal Beloved‘. (1812)

Charlie Parker to his longtime girlfriend, Chan Woods.
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