Object(s) of My Affection


Strung from our necks, intertwined amongst a tangle of keys or bouncing from a rearview mirror (whatever your brand of Talisman may be) one thing is for certain, Lady Luck is being summoned. Fortune is never promised but make no mistake, a map of memories is always unfolding…

An object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.
I have never thought of myself as someone who wore tons of jewelry. Of course, I always collect jewelry (hoarding can be such a harsh word amiright?) It wasn’t until one fine day I looked down and realized I had compiled a pretty hefty collection of daily ‘standard’ accoutrements. Following this realization was the promise of luck, safety or friendship that each piece carried.
Then, upon even further reflection I saw the true common thread to my tapestry of daily adornment. It held a story of adventure, naivete and above all…love.
So without further delay allow me to introduce you to the objects of my affection.
  • IMG_0871.JPG

    Vintage Saint Christopher-Protection for Travelers.
    This was gift from my Boyfriend when we decided to embark on a cross country road trip to ‘pick’ antiquities along Route 125 “The World’s Longest Flea Market” 
    Vintage ‘V’ ring-WWII-era ‘V’ for Victory ring meant to inspire Hope.
    My Boyfriend’s inspiration to break away from his career path & start his own Menswear Design Company….The day he showed me what courage looked like. 
    Leather Bound Cross-A Symbol of Friendship in Ethiopia.
    A gift from a friend I was too naive to realize I would never have the pleasure of seeing once I left New York City. It always reminds me to make time for the ones you care for.
    Vintage Navajo Turquoise Bracelet-Representative of Happiness, Health & Luck.
    My Boyfriend gifted me this on my Birthday in support of my decision to not let fear run my passions and dedicate my ambitions fully to Lingerie Design.

Fortune Goods Montagnard etched Brass & Bakelite Bracelets-Originally symbolizing safe passage for Special Forces fighting in the Vietnam War circa 1960’s.

One of my favorite pieces from the Debut Collection of my Boyfriend’s company, Fortune Goods. It is  continuous inspiration to never stop making my dreams a reality.

Silver & Brass Mexican MC Ring circa 1940’s-1950’s-Originally seen as a symbol of alliance with an ‘Outlaw’ Motorcycle Club or Lifestyle.

These old MC rings have always entranced me with their powerful weight, strong imagery and rarity in the Vintage world. Nowadays, these beauties put me under a different kind of spell. When I catch the gleam of light bounce from the owls that adorn the sides, or admire the hand etched rays of light bursting from the detailed center shield all I can think of is the night my Boyfriend proposed.

Wrapped in all the jeweled talisman assurances of safety, love and happiness I took the first steps on the greatest adventure to date and said… 




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