“…I saved my lunch money & went to Victoria’s Secret…”

48ca554549660562cccfefc4cf2b4813If you haven’t had a chance to read the post on the importance of “Firsts” I would highly suggest, at least, skimming through it. It will place you in the exact mood needed to overhear my conversation with Modern Provocateur Miss. Natalie Krim.

Natalie & I met years ago (more than I care to mention) in NYC while we both were working as Bra fitters / Sales Associates at a small lingerie chain. We became quick friends & found a similar sentimental view towards lingerie, its history and significance in Womanhood.

She is talented, coquettishly witty and simply lovely to be around! Her body of work oozes with sexuality on the surface but, do not be deceived Dear Reader. The tinsel of desire and lust in her illustrations and photographs lead to a depth and vulnerability that is her lifeboat to all Women as if to say, “Haven’t you ever felt like doing this before?”

Simply put, her work embodies the mischievous curiosity that maybe, Dear Reader, you used to allow yourself to indulge in. That is until, like a dripping faucet, life’s many expectations erode away the sheen of curiosity.

Miss. Natalie is here to remind you, through her work, the shine of curiosity can always come back…

Along with one of my favorite Madonna Songs, the following is part of a conversation I had the pleasure of having with Natalie on the subject of her “First”…


Natalie Krim is an Erotic Illustrator, Designer, Model and Collector. She is based out of New York & Los Angeles.


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